In the morning to all,

There has been a lot of fuss from recently released reports about free Android apps (notably, flashlight apps) "stealing" your data. Well, firstly, wake up. Advertisers thrive off of your information. How does Google generate a $380 BILLION market cap without charging a toll for each search? They turn around and sell your information to advertisers. Period. You agree to it. Either get off these "free" services, or, as I propose, take control of YOUR devices and services.

I have finished a proof of concept app which will combine my thesis research with everyday practicality. This is an end-to-end privacy guard which you can use to protect yourself from prying applications. There is no rooting of your Android for this to work -- it relies on bytecode instrumentation to restrict the application to what it needs access to. You can selectively grant and deny permissions to a given application after you install it, allowing granular control of YOUR devices. The technical term is "dynamic aspect oriented bytecode instrumentation", but let's just call it Apphacking. See the video below:

Do not be fooled by recent claims of protection from the marketing firm, SnoopWall. They simply reported on old news which anyone with common sense already suspects. They've developed a "protection" app, but it does nothing except report on the trustworthiness of an app.... the Google Play store implements that exact functionality with the ratings and reviews system.