As part of my graduate research, I worked on writing the operating system for a CubeSat. Dubbed Cajun Advanced Pico-satellite Experiment (CAPE, for short), myself and one other student wrote the "CDH" system which was responsible for command and control of all other subsystems. The project took place over several years, with a plethora of students continuously working on the different components. It finally launched in November 2013, and it's current flightpath can be found here.

HAM radio operators can talk to the satellite on 145.820 (doppler shift can bring it up to .825). TNC comms can command the satellite to broadcast specific messages, enable the software defined radio, send emails, texts, and a few other little things. Email me if you're interested in sending it commands.. we could use more radio operators around the world.

Anyways, very proud of our team for getting a working satellite in orbit. Not something many people get to say.. take a listen to our satellite! Excerpt from a previous pass here: