Christopher Stelly recently received his master's of computer science. He studied at the University of New Orleans after transferring from the University of Louisiana. His primary research involved a satellite's operating system and aspect oriented bytecode instrumentation. The latter was used during his thesis defense, which can be employed to secure Android devices without rooting them.

As far as professional résumé goes, he is currently employed by a defense contractor as a security engineer (studies herein are not coordinated or otherwise reflected by his employer). He is one of the first certified for securing industrial control systems through GIAC's program.

(Enough of the third person..)

Security interests me for a number of reasons, but namely because of the dynamic environment. A year of inattention could render one obsolete. However, more intriguing to me is the cat-and-mouse game between adversaries, while at the cutting edge of technology on a global scale. When not doing that, I enjoy fishing, flying, playing piano, and hanging out with our husky.


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